Redefining the boundaries of supply chains

A platform that enables assets to be transferred between multiple parties in a network with their compliance history immutably secured on the blockchain. 

Adelante is a cloud and blockchain system that enables enterprises to create and move assets between their businesses, with exceptional simplicity, using ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant business practices.

business ecosystems

Traditionally, supply chains have been automated by integrating companies’ asset management systems.

Instead of integrating systems, Adelante integrates businesses, using blockchain and the cloud. At any time, any authorized business can subscribe to the chain. Then, assets can be moved to and from that business, subject to rules, using just a few clicks of a mouse. We call this the event driven supply chain.

This dramatically simplifies supply chain collaboration between enterprises.

A subset of those events are compliance events. These are events like inspections. Adelante stores compliance events in the blockchain, to create an immutable record of the compliance history of an asset.

If you’re asking yourself what value a certifiable compliance history gives to an asset, think of the last time you tried to sell a car without the logbook…

What does your business track?

Chemical content of pharmaceutical products

Manufacture origin of vehicle spare parts

Maintenance history of Plant & Equipment

Landfill and recycle rates of business waste

Provenance of premium foods and beverages

Value Proposition

Adelante creates a trusted transactional dataset which reduces risk, increases operational efficiencies, facilitates audits and compliance, and certifies proof-of-process. 

Think what your businesses could do with a verifiable, secure, traceable, irreversible and permanent audit trail of select company records, transactions and artefacts.

Adelante is suited to all kinds of supply chains, from people to assets to waste. Adelante is built from the ground up to be customizable for different supply chains. 

BlockBoxx has already implemented the first instance of Adelante, in the work at heights industry in Western Australia, in a system that will join tier-one businesses in mining, energy and defense.

We’re actively seeking to build new iterations for new business verticals.



Get Started


We pride ourselves in being able to deliver a proof-of-concept that demonstrates the value of Adelante in your chosen business vertical in less than a week.

Software License

Adelante is also available through a SaaS licensing model. We welcome requests for customization to help mould the product to your business.

Blockchain Integration

Adelante integrates with our own proprietary platform called Industrial Blockchain that enables us to control the full operational costs of your solution.

“A big congratulations to Martin, Steve and the BlockBoxx team for a job well done to date!  As we now work through the testing of our EZYiD asset management platform based on the Industrial Blockchain built by the Blockboxx team, I have time to reflect on the professional, transparent and organised way they have engaged with our organisation. I am happy to say that the BlockBoxx team are now, very much a part of the family at EZYiD and look forward to the celebrations we shall share together on our imminent commercial launch day!”

Alex Witt